I am a 44 year old philanthropist, artist, entrepreneur, step mom, wife, athlete and human. I am the poster child for TMI. I love who I am and those I choose to include in my life. I learn something from everyone I meet. I’m realizing the more I listen and the more I share, the more things start to make sense in this crazy world. I’m going to keep that going. I love a solid mid-life crisis and think that (if it is a healthy choice) we should reclaim that phrase as a positive one or rename them mid-life reinventions or reevaluations…or something else corny like that. I’m a far better person now than I was in the first half of my life and I have had about 10 midlife crises. So go buy those Taylor Swift tickets (I’m not a big fan but she seems like a lovely person), sign up for that Ironman, join a cult-I mean club, do some volunteer work and show up at a Sunday Rose’ Rehab party and be the oldest one there…bring a friend. You are the oldest one there and you need someone to talk to. But do it! Yes! Enjoy the second half of your life as much as, if not more than, your first half. Read my stories. Share your thoughts. Send a note about something you want me to write about! Most importantly… Go do cool things!